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General dentistry, root canal treatment, implants and wisdom teeth are some of the many services we offer.

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At Church Corner Dental Surgery our experienced team are committed to give you a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

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Our aim is to provide high quality care in a gentle and caring manner.

What we offer

General Dentistry

Regular dental check-ups are a very important part of maintaining a healthy mouth [details ...]

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can save your teeth when decay advances to the inner tissue [details ...]


Veneers are usually made for cosmetic reasons to improve the way the front teeth look [details ...]

Crowns and Bridges

Used to fix very heavily filled or extensively damaged teeth [details ...]


When you have missing teeth and you do not want to have a denture [details ...]

Wisdom Teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is necessary for a variety of reasons [details ...]